About Bushman

Bushman was founded to produce the very best insect repellents available. Effectiveness, wearer comfort and quality are top priority with all Bushman products. With a range of different active levels, delivery systems and sizes you’ll find there’s a Bushman for everyone. Bushman is water resistant, sweat resistant and rub resistant.

This is such an important benefit in real world scenarios. It means the repellent won’t be sweated off, washed off or rubbed off allowing it to stay on the skin and continue to protect.

Bushman is formulated in a unique way, that allows for the active to be slowly released. The slow release of the active results in improved performance.

The combination of an effective active blended with performance-enhancing, premium ingredients in formulations created with decades of experience make all Bushman products the best choice to protect you and your family.

Bushman is long-lasting with protection times from 7 hours up to 15 hours