Innovation Partners

We’re working with some of New Zealand’s most innovative pharmacy healthcare consumer brands as they strive to become the global market leaders of tomorrow. Take a look at some of our success stories below:

For over 30 years we’ve been entrusted to launch, re-launch and market some of the world’s biggest global pharma consumer brands. We’re proud of our success in helping to make them market leaders in New Zealand.

  • Pill-free supplements, scientifically formulated to deliver maximum nutrient absorption – with minimum fuss, to help you feel and live better.

  • Bushman was founded to produce the very best insect repellents available. Effectiveness, wearer comfort and quality are top priority with all Bushman products. With a range of different active levels, delivery systems and sizes you’ll find there’s a Bushman for everyone. Bushman is water resistant, sweat resistant and rub resistant.

  • The proper healing of wounds depends on ensuring proper wound care. Hyaluronic acid, for example, aids in the healing process. Hyaluronic acid is present in HYALO4, ointment. It's designed to boost the body's hyaluronic acid levels, which in turn aids in healing. Because it keeps the newly formed tissue moist, it is protective.

  • LAZU helps you fuel your body with natural energy without the crash. The Keto Quickstart 21 Day Challenge is a carefully designed, science-based program to help you get into ketosis. Our KETO complete support kit includes the right supplements to stay healthy, a structured plan to guide you, and Keto Strips to keep you on-track.

  • Levrix the next generation antihistamine. Hayfever and allergic reactions cause the body to release a compound called Histamine. It’s these Histamines that create the common hayfever symptoms of runny nose, watery eyes, itchy skin and sneezing.

  • Whether it’s juggling work or family, an overwhelming to-do list paired with a lack of sleep can have us feeling stressed. Rescue® products combine a unique blend of 5 Bach® Original Flower Remedies to provide gentle everyday stress and sleep support.*

  • TRU MK7™ is designed to support active lifestyles for every stage of life from elite level athletes to Grandparents. The unique formulation using vitamin MK7 supports joint connective tissue, joint comfort, mobility, immune defences and cartilage health.

  • Urox® is designed to effectively assist bladder control symptoms that affect both men and women. Urox’s unique patented formula works to strengthen and tone the muscles of bladder wall, pelvic floor and sphincter, as well as, support healthy connective tissue in the surrounding area that allow the bladder to fill appropriately and empty effectively.

  • LAZU Virocin™ is a high-potency, natural Zinc Ionophore which utilizes the proven ability of Quercetin to act as the carrier to transport the body’s natural Zinc reserves across the cell membrane with Enhanced Bioavailability and Absorption Technology (EBAT Technology). Virocin™ enables zinc to assist and support the body’s natural immune system, far more effectively.