About TRU MK7

TRU MK7™ is designed to support active lifestyles for every stage of life from elite level athletes to Grandparents. The unique formulation using vitamin MK7 supports joint connective tissue, joint comfort, mobility, immune defences and cartilage health.

TRUMK7™ joint supplement uses the active form of Vitamin MK7 for joint health, with a comprehensive unique formula with two pending patents. Developed by a leading authority on vitamin K2 (MK7),New Zealand biopharmaceutical scientist Dr Aydin Berenjian.

Vitamin MK7™ is a sub-type of Vitamin K2 (Menaquinone), a nutrient our body needs to support our joints. It cannot be produced internally by ourbody in sufficient quantities but can be obtained through diet rich in some foods such as cheese.

TRU MK7™ has been awarded the 2022 NutraIngredients-Asia Awards – Product of the Year; Sports Nutrition, 2022 TITAN Business Awards – Product & Services, University of Nottingham’s POCER 2022 – Best Innovative Product and Science Publications Research Commercialization Award